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Audeju street 15-4, LV-1050 Riga, Latvia


A good plan is the base of success

As a company with really ambitious goals we spent a lot of time to optimize our strategy – and create a realistic path to Artificial General Intelligence.

Initially, we wanted to start directly with designing a dedicated hardware accelerator chip that would power autonomous devices together with our innovative Machine Learning framework.

But during our journey we realized that we will be able to provide much more value, by making gradual improvements based on real-world project implementations and all components of next generation Artificial General Intelligence.

Such approach fits also with emerging trends of AutoML and Explainable AI – where we want to raise the bar with our solutions.

Having access to powerful technology we plan to maximize the chances of our success – improving its parts one after another in the following phases:

1) Audiovisual AI assistants 2021-2022

Audiovisual assistants will have rich awareness of the environment they operate in. Able to analyze information similar to humans – they will learn how to react optimally to the events, recognize objects and predict future outcomes. In short: how to deal with the physical world.

They will help people in various tasks – both in individual homes and the professional environments – offices, factories, shops or R&D departments.

As the data processing will take place locally it will be possible to use them anywhere – without a harm for the privacy of people and institutions. They will work autonomously, but also offer full transparency on their decision models and contents of their memory.

Key delivery: the operating system for audiovisual assistants with visual management tools and ML framework

2) Autonomous machines – robots, drone, vehicles 2022-2023

In the next phase we will transfer this knowledge and awareness about the physical world to the machines that will move through it on their own.

Our energy-efficient technology will equip even smallest devices with enough intelligence to successfully finish their tasks. We will offer our dedicated hardware chip to support local data processing with minimized latency and full privacy.

The machines will be able to immediately adapt to specific conditions in the places they visit – allowing worldwide deployments of new services.

Key delivery: a dedicated hardware accelerator chip and optimized ML framework for autonomous machines

3) Digital AI agents 2023-2024

Then, we will create a range of AI agents with extended awareness of the digital environment. At the moment we will not disclose details of their attributes and goals – but they will have potential to positively change the world in multiple ways.

The rest will remain secret for the next couple of years.

Key delivery: undisclosed

4) Artificial General Intelligence 2025

After mastering operation in both physical and digital worlds – we will be ready to offer our ultimate technology – Artificial General Intelligence able to do the same and probably even more than human beings.

We believe that powerful Artificial Intelligence that is fully explainable can be the source of unimaginable currently good outcomes for the whole humanity.

From progress in science, travelling to other planets to simple delivering what is necessary anywhere in the world – our planet with support of advanced AI has a chance to become much better place than it is today.

Key delivery: prototype of self-learning autonomous machine equipped with Artificial General Intelligence software and hardware