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Design Product

Audiovisual assistants – one of the most useful applications of AI

Passive voice assistants like Alexa or Siri are with us already for many years. We found their benefits and serious weaknesses. They don’t always understand us and work only in response to our initiation of the dialogue.

We learned to ask for what they can provide, so they can be useful. But it is still an early stage for AI assistants. And many things can change with the emergence of innovative technology and the addition of a new data type.

Would you prefer a more human-like, proactive AI assistant? The one who knows you and your needs like a best friend, but keeps your secrets private? And will not expose all your sensitive data to the cloud – even with the best intention to help you?

Imagine the AI assistant that processes all your data locally. Learns autonomously and adapts to your own fragment of the world. Like a human being, it sees and hears everything, but does not store video or audio data anywhere – even for a moment.

Instead, it analyzes data in real-time inside a secure environment, updating its own knowledge and ability to recognize people, objects, actions and events.

Such assistant can respond to an emergency situation, predict danger or just remind you about something you may need. It is proactive and can react to not only your voice, but any situation it will observe.

Use cases

Senior care

For seniors, it can do contactless vital signs monitoring, detect falls, dizziness and alert family or caregivers. It can remind those that suffer from dementia to take medicine, eat food or where is the item they currently need.

There is no need to log in anywhere or remember to open the app – all actions just work after you turn the system on. The physical world becomes the input data source and all of it is assigned to the right people and objects automatically.


It can teach children about the world or help them practice math and a foreign language – just using the home environment without the need for any screen. Encourage physical activity in a playful way or engage in discussion on interesting topics.


Pets can be calmed down or fed by the assistant when nobody is at home. All smart devices can be controlled by it. There is some dirt on the floor – let’s call a smart vacuum cleaner to the rescue.

General population

Fitness programs, entertainment and education. Cooking tips, support with fixing things. Anything you could expect from a human. And we were only talking about some home use cases. Possibilities are endless.

Professional environment

In the professional environment – the audiovisual AI assistant can analyze how specific tasks are performed and guide less experienced employees on how to achieve more demanding goals.

Or ask a robot to do them, by supplying the required knowledge.

Smart buildings

Why stop there? Imagine truly smart buildings, like hotels – that can manage 24/7 all guests, their needs and special requests – while keeping the data private. Office buildings, stores, factories, R&D laboratories…


What is required to make it all happen?

  • Energy-efficient technology for local data processing – allowing to keep sensitive data private
  • Full automation for real-time learning – without collecting and labeling datasets
  • Transparent operation (XAI) – to be sure that AI makes the right decisions, based on sufficient data
  • Versatility – general purpose applications, combining multiple data types in a single AI architecture

All of this was not possible until now…

AGICortex proprietary technology allows to have autonomous AI solutions that operate on their own – but can be supervised and managed through convenient visual user interfaces.

Our intention is to do for AI what Windows did to computers, in the era of DOS.

Keeping the complexity of ML solutions in the background, while allowing usage of intelligent machines for anyone, without a requirement for deep technical knowledge.

Our first product is the operating system for the audiovisual AI assistants – consisting of software and hardware components that together bring the seed of true general intelligence to the world.

We believe that it will provide the most value to people who need more attention than most of us are able to offer. To those with chronic diseases or just health risks associated with advanced age. That is why we have started product development with such an application in our minds.

However, we believe that audiovisual assistants with the described attributes will be very common in our homes and all indoor environments – helping us in countless scenarios, limited only by the imagination of AI skills developers working with us.

Becoming one of the most useful applications of Artificial Intelligence ever.

In the next phases – the intelligence of these assistants will be combined with autonomous devices – powering the future robots, drones and vehicles.

In 2021 AGICortex will introduce its technology to the world. Be sure not to miss that event.