Easy to launch and manage AI for the physical world.

Achieve more with less resources.

Just turn it on.


Company details


Audeju street 15-4, LV-1050 Riga, Latvia


// operating system for AI in the physical world

Just turn it on

Private local processing

Your data is not sent to the cloud to show you better ads.

Explainable AI

Understand how AI makes decisions and what are the contents of its memory.

Easy supervision

Use convenient visual UI to supervise and manage your AI solution

AI skills

When you need something more - just pick a skill from the AI skills marketplace

Automated learning

No need to collect and label datasets. Just turn it on.

Proactive operation

The system can respond to multiple audiovisual events on its own.

// AWARE_OS - Senior care

Peace of mind for
you and your loved ones

Our families are the most important element of our lives. Yet we are not always able to provide enough care to relatives. Especially, if they are not living in our home...

Would not be wonderful to always know that everything is fine with our
parents, kids... or even animals - when we can't be there for them? Now you can just ask and immediately know how are your loved ones.

It is good to have someone who will remind about important things, especially the one that is able to do that when we have forgotten about them.

From the earliest stages of dementia to simply busy lifestyles - our AI assistants know when to remind about medications, lost item, exercises, drinking water or just taking an umbrella when going outside.

The audiovisual AI assistant is like a best friend - knowing all your secrets, but not letting know about them to anyone.

It will react in emergency situations, by notifying relatives or care givers. And communicate with them through convenient channels: visual apps and voice - by integration with favourite voice assistants.


Other use cases

// user-friendly interface

Use convenient visual app to manage AI

Forget about command line and text output. Use rich visual interface to have control over the AI solution.

We allow non-technical people to supervise & manage Artificial Intelligence.

video coming soon