Local data analysis on drones

Machine Learning with local data processing on drones which use most of their power to move the rotors? With our technology it is possible.

Is recording the video and analyzing it after the drone comes back to base, the only available option? What if we would like to have more innate intelligence in our aerial machines?

This is where our technology really shines. It is completely possible to:

  • · understand the scene composition by analyzing the edge data
  • · perform one to few-class object detection directly on the machine’s processor
  • · record the video only when salient information was detected

Instead of recording the videos to be analyzed on the cloud, the machine can mark (or even start to record) it when something important happened and the fact about such an event is accessible immediately after connecting the device with cooperating solutions.

If something important happens, the drone is able to fly closer to collect more precise data and skip the areas that do not need more attention.

Whatever is the use case – area surveillance, monitoring of crops in agriculture or checking the status of the construction site – we can help with optimizing your technical solutions, based on drones.