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Audeju street 15-4, LV-1050 Riga, Latvia


We believe that the best results come from diverse point of views.

Our technology, company vision and product strategy all were born with understanding that in the human history – we collectively produced much more incorrect knowledge than the right one.

And the only method to overcome that situation was to each time find the way to the correct solution to a problem.

These ways are sometimes found by unexpected people – that almost accidentally possessed the right mindset, set of skills, background, life experiences or just a point of view.

There were times where the whole world was wrong, by not seeing the answers and solutions right before their eyes. There were scientists and most educated people that were proven to be wrong.

Doing innovation simply requires an open mind.

Open to ideas, methods and all people.

Because the person who will find the way – may be the least expected. Exactly for that reason – because of looking at things from a very unique perspective.

For us, it does not matter where are you from, how old are you and what you did for most of your life.

Instead it matters, if you are ready to spend significant part of your life to make the history?

We believe that there is always a way

AGICortex believes in Artificial Intelligence – that will be both powerful and aligned with the needs of humanity.

This “crazy” idea was born years ago and with each month we are closer and closer to its realization.

Just because of having a good plan, staying curious and open to new ideas. Thousands of hours of hard work just helped to materialize it.

The plan that focused first on defining what is the promising path and what is a dead end.

The purpose of tech companies should be to build the product that people will love. And we believe that people will love self-learning and transparent AI.

It all starts with solving some of the most basic problems of our world and gradually improving it.

It ends with Artificial General Intelligence that can transform our civilization in a very positive way – allowing to achieve unachievable and learn more about ourselves.

Do you think you have what it takes to work with us?

It will not be easy. But it will definitely be worth it. We are truly committed to our goals.

If it resonates with you – do not hesitate to contact us.