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To make the technology truly useful in the physical world we need to make some significant changes to our approach to AI:

  • equip it with high quality sensors that are similar or even better than human equivalents, e.g. stereo (dual) cameras, infrared cameras, microphone arrays and even… radio frequency sensors that allow to “see” through the walls
  • make it aware about continuity of time with always accessible audiovisual streams instead of isolated photos or video frames to analyze – allowing to understand that objects, people an animals do not teleport and are the same entities even when they look different
  • let’s not forget about spatial awareness, the object that is moving in the environment is either autonomous agent or an object moved by some physical force – and therefore more important than already analyzed static objects that remain in the same position
  • identify visible objects not only by their visual attributes, but also location, size or how they interact with other elements and agents
  • allow it to learn autonomously and with active help of humans

We are living in an era where more and more things are possible. We want to make AI agents aware of the environment to assist us in many necessary tasks.

First, as AI assistants that collect and process information. Then as entities with robotic bodies that are allowed to interact with the physical world in more ways.

But the technology that is presented as very advanced today is not so impressive, when dealing with the unpredictable physical world.

That is why the data needs to be higher quality. The way how learning is done needs to be different and more autonomous. And the data needs to be processed in a private way, so people will feel comfortable with technical solutions present in their homes, offices and other places.

The AI can help increase our safety and comfort, alert about emergency situations or just make our homes and buildings more intelligent. It can help to save energy and take care about our planet.

It is able to automate mundane tasks to allow us to work more on problems requiring human creativity.

But to move into that direction we need a step towards Artificial General Intelligence, that uses multiple channels of information to learn, analyze and operate even with limited amount of data.

As a human beings we are able to live and act even in completely new places. The AI solutions need to be able to learn as quickly as we do and use reasoning and intuition to deal with events that are new and were impossible to predict upfront.

AGICortex is going exactly that path, re-defining what the term “Artificial Intelligence” will mean in the future.

We aim for autonomous, self-learning solutions that are not only able to work on their own in the physical world, but also explain their decisions in a convenient way.

We are happy to take you with us on this journey!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to become our customer, partner or employee.