Easy to launch and manage AI for the physical world.

Achieve more with less resources.

Just turn it on.


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Audeju street 15-4, LV-1050 Riga, Latvia


Whether it’s home, office, point of sale or a factory – our AI solutions allow you to achieve more with less resources.

Just turn them on.

We offer a complete operating system for AI in the physical world.

first room-sized computers (left), Google Cloud TPUs (right)

The computing revolution started with static room-sized computers, through desktop workstations, to movable laptops and finally smart mobile devices.

A computer in a human hand. The dream of the past, reality of today. They opened physical world for computing, that was accessible anywhere.

We believe that the same will happen to Artificial Intelligence, that currently is driven by cloud servers filled with processing units. The technology is not mature enough to provide satisfactory results in smaller sizes.

It needs a breakthrough.

That is why we created AWARE_OS – an operating system for indoor environments, that is:

  1. Aware of the surroundings through multiple connected sensors
  2. Transparent to users – aware of internal operations in its neural architecture
  3. Energy-efficient enough to process all data locally

The requirements to move forward are:

  1. Local data processing – that provides privacy, by not sending or even storing often sensitive private data anywhere. That means more data for the AI system operating 24/7 and more accuracy
  2. Automated data collection and adaptation – that means less maintenance and costs with projects deployed in multiple physical locations
  3. Visual management – forget about command lines, these are good for developers, for massive adoption like PCs or smartphones we need convenient user interfaces, that may be used by regular people or domain non-tech experts
Machine learning solutions are hard to launch and costly to maintainHigh degree of automation makes it easier and less expensive to maintain
They require collecting and labeling large datasetsThe data is collected and processed automatically after the system is turned on
The access to the data is often restricted to selected examplesLocal private data processing allows for unrestricted 24/7 data access
Deployment in multiple physical locations requires additional maintenanceThe solutions automatically adapt to changes in various physical locations
Interacting with the solutions requires high technical expertiseConvenient user interfaces enable supervision by domain non-technical experts

AutoML trend

Challenges related to the Machine Learning projects caused a growth of interest in AutoML solutions:

  • automation of tasks that consume the most time
  • avoiding fight for talents with other companies
  • achieving more in less time
  • ability to use the tools by domain experts and not only data scientists and ML practicioners

AutoML changes the mix of talents needed to successfully launch and manage AI/ML solutions, allowing companies to smoothly transform existing processes in new ones with existing team of professionals.

Explainable AI trend

With all that automation we still want to understand how AI makes decisions. In fact we demand it even more.

Current state-of-the-art is one big black box that keeps details obscured to the human eye. Existing post-fact explanation procedures add even more computation to already inefficient technology stack and they reveal only parts of the secret.

What we want instead is to remain in full control: be able to quickly react and apply necessary changes in real time. Not asking our specialists to take care about the problems for the next release of the software.

AWARE_OS: the operating system for Indoor AI solutions

Our product – AWARE_OS combines automation with transparency, combining these two market trends together.

It can be used in any indoor locations: from homes & offices to points of sales and factories.

It is designed for regular users and non-tech experts. Offers high awareness about the environment. It is easy to launch and manage.

By ordering AWARE_OS you get ready-made software & hardware solutions to realize your goals.