Easy to launch and manage AI for the physical world.

Achieve more with less resources.

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Audeju street 15-4, LV-1050 Riga, Latvia


// ML Framework for the autonomous devices

A highly capable
Digital Brain

3D Neural Networks

The data flows horizontally and vertically in any direction, providing flexibility and power


High-level structure and low-level adaptation bring new possibilities


High-level structure allows to understand what is happening in the system


From data collection, self-optimization to decision making – just turn it on

Neuroverse – a whole universe of possibilities

3D Neural Networks bring a concept of space and unlimited possibilities to Machine Learning. Our framework will handle huge architectures with up to billions of neurons in a single system. We will power various types of autonomous devices that will help humanity in multiple areas. And who knows… maybe some day we will even support space exploration?

Welcome Neuroverse – a Machine Learning platform for unlimited creativity of humans and machines working together


Deploy and it will adapt

Energy efficiency

Process data locally

General Intelligence

Combine multiple data types


Progress requires
a good plan

Traditional neural networks mimic just a small part of our Neocortex. In the human brain data flows in all directions, inside organizational units and through them to other components of the brain. Many researchers already recognized the fact that we need more.

Even the smallest animals can act autonomously - while our sophisticated Deep Networks can't. It is because our powerful capabilities are based on rich connections between Neocortex AND a set of subcortical components that until now were completely ignored.

Who said that AI will ever remain "black-box"? Brain-like high-level structure allows both for the system, developers and users to understand what is happening inside. And react if it is necessary - make real-time changes without a need to stop and re-train.

"The emergence of AGI may shock people that did not see it as a sequence of consecutive steps. The answers are available to those of us who are curious enough to ask the right questions."

Maciej Wolski
CEO of AGICortex