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AWARE_OS – Smart home care for our loved ones

For many people – the advanced age comes with significant difficulties. The chronic ailments are in conflict with the desire of independence and not being a source of problem to the closest family.

And even if there are no serious health problems – just the fact of living alone, without the family nearby can be stressful. Because no one will be able to react if some kind of emergency will eventually happen.

The current solutions to this problem are based on surveillance cameras. But for many people it is not comfortable to feel constantly monitored. Especially if they can’t be sure if it is only the family that is watching from time to time.

Would not be wonderful to always know that everything is fine with our parents, kids… or even animals – when we can’t be there for them?

“Alexa… how is my mother?”

“She is completely fine. The heart rate was in
normal range all day. She remembered today to
take her medications and drink enough water.
There is no need to worry.”

Imagine that you have an AI assistant that can monitor the situation – both seeing, hearing and sensing what is happening. But not sending the sensitive data anywhere and not storing it even for a moment.

It just analyzes everything in real-time in a small box that is placed at home. And reacts if something important is taking place.

For people suffering with dementia – it may remind about medications, food and water. It can detect dizziness and falls – and immediately notify the relatives.

Sick senior woman with headache lying on the floor after falling down

It may monitor the vital signs – by taking remote measurements of heart rate. Perform memory exercises and initiate conversations. Help to find the lost items. Or perform a hearing test in the background.

The person that is interacting with the assistant doesn’t need to create accounts or remember to open any app. He or she just lives like before and the system performs every action on its own.

It just needs to be turned on.

Then, the supervising family member can get access to the status through convenient visual interface of the application or just by asking his AI assistant.

But the life of the senior remains private.

What both sides get from the product is a peace of mind.

AGICortex’s first product is the operating system for audiovisual AI assistants with the initial focus on the wellbeing of seniors and people suffering from chronic diseases.

It can be extended by a range of additional AI skills – that just like apps in your computer or mobile device – allow you to do more with the device.

The same system is able to support us with providing care to children, animals or just assist us in daily activities.

It introduces the additional, but more powerful visual channel to smart assistants like Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant.

But keeps our data private on locally installed device.

Get the most updated information about the product here.

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