AI that works
for robots & drones

Compute and store only the most useful data

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We support the whole range of
(semi-)autonomous machines

Automatic data collection and real-time learning

Our solution collects data during operation. There is no need for a separate training session to adapt to the constantly changing physical world.

Your machines will learn immediately through experience. And you will see it.


Integrate it with just a few lines of code

Are your engineers specialized in Robotics, not AI?

With our solution, they will quickly equip your machines with Robotic Intelligence designed from scratch for the unpredictable physical world

AI is an amazing technology,
but what if you can’t use it?

Due to the lack of:


Dedicated tools

» You can use AutoML framework designed from scratch for the physical world


» Our solution works with little to no previously collected data


» Use our tools designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind


» High degree of automation with effortless supervision even by non-experts

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ProductFeatures |
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years of research


faster project launch: improve your robots in days not months


up to 10x less energy consumed than with Deep Learning

From years of research
to Robotic Intelligence (RI)

After years of research and experimentation, we have found solutions that make robots more capable than ever

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Our History


Start of initial research about neuroscience and self-organizing neural networks


First early prototype of AutoML framework with continuous real-time learning


Creation of realistic path to AGI – an architecture of autonomous General Intelligence


Company launch and first investment acquired – development of 3D Neural Nets


Second investment and start of Object recognition with Continuous Learning R&D Project


Commercialization phase and first deployments on customers’ machines

Maciej WolskiCEO

Let’s equip your machines with Intelligence