Combining neuroscience
with technology

A realistic path to Artificial General Intelligence

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AGICortex – Robotic Intelligence company

What if for AI in autonomous machines you need something very different, than cloud services?

You need a fully autonomous operation, automation of data processing, low latency, real-time learning, privacy, reliable and explainable decision making.

We designed from scratch a technology that is optimized for autonomous machines in the physical world.


Autonomous General Intelligence through reverse-engineering the brain

Vision for the near future


Fully autonomous operation

» From data collection, perception to learning, reasoning and decision making

Multiple data types

» Combination of visual, audio and other types of data to increase accuracy

Explainable AI

» Clear understanding of how machines learn and decide what to do

Extended decision models

» Decision models for perception, reasoning, and action based on the current internal & external state

“Deep learning is an amazing technology and hugely useful in itself, but in my opinion it’s definitely not enough to solve AI, [not] by a long shot”

Demis HassabisDeepMind CEO

“My view is throw it all away and start again, I suspect that means getting rid of back-propagation.(…) We clearly don’t need all the labeled data.”

Geoff HintonThe Godfather of Deep Learning

“We need systems that can handle changes and do continual learning, lifelong learning and so on (…) This is a long-standing goal for ML”

Yoshua BengioDeep Learning pioneer
Łukasz DudekCCO
Maciej WolskiCEO

Company board

Our company is managed
by people with 15+ years of experience
in successful Software and Business Management

Our History


Start of initial research about neuroscience and self-organizing neural networks


First early prototype of AutoML framework with continuous real-time learning


Creation of realistic path to AGI – an architecture of Autonomous General Intelligence


Focus on Computer Vision applications, stereo vision and computation optimizations


Company launch and first investment acquired – development of 3D Neural Nets


Second investment and start of Object recognition with Continuous Learning R&D Project

Open positions

Maciej WolskiCEO

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