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Robotic Intelligence benefits

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Automatic data collection

There is no need to collect huge datasets in advance. Our solutions are pre-trained using real and synthetic data, then collect exactly the data your machine will need to operate in a nearby environment.

Real-time learning

There is no need to organize a separate training session and hire a large team to maintain AI models. Machines are able to acquire useful knowledge during their operation.

Pre-training with synthetic data

Synthetic data is a way to quickly get as much valuable labeled data as needed for a specific task. Our models are based on both synthetic and real data and are then updated during operation.

Convenient API for developers

Companies struggle to compete for scarce AI talents. With our solution – you can equip your machines with the AI superpowers, using your regular developers – in a few lines of code.

Explainable AI

With such a degree of automation – we want to make sure that the machines do exactly what we expect from them. Our technology supports enhanced explainability without the need for post-processing. It just works!

ROS Integration

Your machines work with ROS? You are in good company. We support ROS-based machines with simple integration.

Integrate it with just a few lines of code

Are your engineers specialized in Robotics, not AI?

With our solution, they will quickly equip your machines with Robotic Intelligence designed from scratch for the unpredictable physical world

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